Aftercare Advice

Your nail coating is hard wearing but is not indestructible. Below are a few guidelines to follow to ensure your beautiful nails stay beautiful between appointments.

Protect your hands from harsh household chemicals such as bleach and washing up liquid which strip your skin and nails of vital moisture. Discolouration may be possible. Rubber gloves are all you need.

Be sure to apply a decent cuticle oil twice daily to promote healthy skin and nails. Its daily use will prolong the life of your nail service while maintaining high hydration levels in the nail plate thus preventing natural nail peeling and breakages. Cuticle Oil will also help to prevent skin sores in/or around the cuticle area. (You can purchase some from the salon for just £4.00)

Hobbies that are very hands on and require you to get ‘’down and dirty’’ such as gardening could well affect the longevity of your nail service. Keep them protected with rubber gloves.

When applying sunscreen lotion or insect repellents be sure to wash your hands immediately after application as they are known to cause possible breakdown of nail coatings. Note: Applying a small amount of Cuticle Oil to your nails to act as a barrier beforehand is good practice.

Chlorinated water followed by sun exposure may cause discolouration of your nail coating. Chlorine is a bleach and the sun intensifies the bleaching action. Be sure to dry your hands immediately to prevent this from happening. Note: Applying a small amount of Cuticle Oil to your nails to act as a barrier beforehand is good practice.

If you wish to apply nail varnish over your nail coating you may do so. When removing your nail varnish it is recommended you use an acetone free nail varnish remover as non acetone free ones are likely to break down your nail coating.

If you happen to notice a slight chip or nick DO NOT pick, peel or lift it as it will cause damage to your nails. Please contact Keren as soon as possible. A nail file can be bought from Keren to remove a slight nick or to prevent the loss of your natural nail length. Also, DO NOT try to fix the nail yourself by gluing it down as bacteria could become trapped and you could cause an infection. Any breakages or issues with nails will be fixed free of charge within 48 hours. After this time a small charge will be charged.


*Incorrect removal  or picking will lead to irreversible damage on the surface of your nails. Please contact Keren if you wish have your nail coating removed with care using professional strength product remover for a quick and safe removal.

*Prolonged soaking in water can cause natural nail weakness.

*Certain chemical ingredients in hand lotions, such as lanolin, can cause breakdown of your nail coating.